Facebook Dynamic Ads

We consider Dynamic Facebook Ads the new smut of advertising that customers can’t get enough of.

Benefits Of Doing Facebook Advertising

One of the best reasons to do Facebook Advertising is Instagram. The only way you can advertise on Instagram is by setting up your account and campaign through Facebook.

Product catalog carousel ads with images of each products gets on average, 900% more clicks with campaign we’ve managed vs not catalog managed carousel ads. Customers cannot resist the power of the dark side catalog ads. It’s not even close, or just off by a few clicks. It wins the Eleadist best performance award for click through rate and cost per lead versus any other pay per click advertising strategy we’ve ever run.

Deep Linking into Product Pages

The Product page. This is where you want them to be, right? Getting customers to look directly at the product or service landing page. A page with awesome photos, amazing features, and tasty specifications to lead your visitor into a lead form or acquisition path. If you are not running a catalog on Facebook Advertising you are just burning money.

So here it is, more views on your products at less costs… it’s a winner. You’re a winner! Let’s win the hearts and minds over of your soon to be customers together.

Product Feed Management & Automation

This is when things get nerdy, so if real tech talk makes you feel woozy, please stop reading here and bring in your marketing guy. Implementing a basic advertising campaign on Facebook ads (Boost), Instagram Ads (Drops), Pinterest Ads, or SnapChat Ads is a great way to feel like you are a digital marketing guru. There is more to it as mentioned above, and that doesn’t even include automation of the feed that creates the catalog once, twice, three, or five times a day to ensure your ads do not allow for any drop off with increases or decreases to your inventory. We build product feeds for advertising on all these platforms and map event based engagement by users to display exact items, groups, or brands through on page scripts to customers. Are you ready to maximize your social media ad spend to increase your click through rate, thus lowering your Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM)? Cool.